77 Batson Drive Manchester, CT 06042 Phone: (860) 643-9560 Email: NEB@gza.com

Christie Wagner

Mrs. Wagner manages/oversees the laboratory testing staff, performs routine and specialized testing procedures, and supports the technical work in the lab by ordering supplies and scheduling maintenance/repair for laboratory equipment.  She also supports the management team in overseeing quality control and data reporting.

Anne Henrici

Ms.Henrici's responsibilities include the design and improvement of standard culture procedures, the training and supervision of culture staff, the maintenance of culture systems and providing healthy, known-age test organisms that are properly acclimated to meet each client's needs, whether these organisms are grown in-house or purchased from commercial suppliers.

Melanie Cruff

Ms. Cruff helps assist the management team by report preparation, review and distribution, statistical analysis, accounts payable/recievable, proposal preparation, shipping sample containers, sample log-in, supporting technical work in the lab when needed and being a point of contact for clients.

Robin Faulk

Ms. Faulk helps to oversee the daily operations of the laboratory, including maintaining lab quality control, scheduling toxicity tests, shipping sample containers, scheduling NEB couriers, report preparation and review, assisting in toxicity testing and being a main point of contact for clients.


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